Sonntag, 15. August 2010

It's a start of something new..

Yes, i can't believe i did that. A while ago i deleted my old blog and the videos i did for youtube. My whole twitter account is a mess right now, because i don't tweet alot. And if i try to start again it just don't make any sense. So i made the decision to start something new.Something, i want to stay tuned on. This blog.
My name is Bay and i'm a teenmodel. I live in LA with my family, but grew up in Toronto, Canada. I'm 17.

A special hug goes to Liz! She's just an amazing and lovely woman. I absolutely love her videos on youtube and i'm glad i found her.
Please check her out:

Alright guys, see ya! xoxo

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  1. Awe! (: Your blog is looking so cute! I am really looking forward to following your posts! I´ve been off of Twitter/YT for the past week or so because I´ve been so busy so when I have free time I just want to relax! :p Thanks so much for your super sweet words, Bay! (; xoxo